The Nuclear Physics Section of the Polish Physical Society
  • Seminar by Katarzyna Mazurek

    On 24th of January 2022 Katarzyna Mazurek will deliver a talk: “Electromagnetic interaction of leptons and pions with heavy nuclei in ultra-peripheral ultra-relativistic collisions”. Details in the folder Seminars....
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  • APP for 70 points.

    The Minister of Education and Science increased the score of publications published in the Acta Physica Polonica A and B to 70 points. More details in the official Communication of the Minister of December 21, 2021 (in...
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  • Lectures by the PPS Awards winners.

    Next Saturday, December 18, two winners of this year's PPS awards will give occasional open lectures available on the YouTube channel. 1. An open lecture by the Laureate of the PPS Scientific Wojciech Rubinowicz Award, prof. dr hab. Antoni Szczurek from...
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