The Nuclear Physics Section of the Polish Physical Society
  • Nuclear Physics on the 48th ZFP

    The 48th Congress of Polish Physicists was held in Gdańsk on 1-7 2023. Marek Lewitowicz (GANIL, Nupecc). gave a one of the plenary lectures Nowa Era Fizyki Jądrowej, On Monday, the 4th of September was held a thematic jesion on nuclear physics...
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  • TVP about Warsaw cyclotron

    The first episode of series "Krypton - what science gives us / Cyklotron" was edited on TVP Nauka. The program is now available on the VOD TVP service: https://vod.tvp.pl/programy,88/krypton-odcinki,745452...
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  • Ikuko Hamamoto passed away

    It is very sad to announce that Ikuko Hamamoto passed away March 10, 2023. She was a great physicist working on many subjects of nuclear structure problems, deformation, halo nuclei, and giant resonances, in Copenhagen, Lund, and finally in RIKEN, Japan....
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